Don’t let thinning hair steal your confidence.

 Biodun, Founder.


Bee Daisy Hair, established since 2010 was borne out of the desire to provide gorgeous, healthy tresses that will turn heads, that can be reused over SEVERAL years yet affordable! We pride ourselves on QUALITY, HONESTY & INTEGRITY which has over time contributed to our success story.

At Bee Daisy Hair, we offer 100% PURE, UNADULTERATED virgin hairs which are totally NATURAL. Our hairs are passionately, diligently selected and undergo rigorous quality checks per bundle to ensure clients’ satisfaction at all times.

Our hairs have been grouped into 6 different collections due to the natural nature which they possess to ensure easier communication with our clients. Our hairs are very versatile hence our different collections churn out different textures in straight, wavy and curly patterns. Our luxury hairs don’t just serve you for years, they serve you through a life time!

Welcome to our world of luxury hair, where your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.
Don’t let thinning hair steal your confidence!



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