Pamper your Tresses…

  1. Avoid cutting your wefts during installation to minimize shedding and ensure longevity of your tresses.
  2. Always brush from bottom to top and thoroughly between each row of weft. Remember to hold the weft in place at the scalp when brushing, or combing. This will keep your tresses from any sort of stress.
  3. Use minimum styling products to reduce weighing down your tresses. If your tresses ever feel dry, you may use our specially formulated Hair Serum to bring back lustre and shine/vibrancy
  4. When styling, dampen with water and leave in conditioner and then scrunch in different sections until every part of the hair has been conditioned, to bring back waves / curls in wavy or curly tresses. Comb through with fingers, wide tooth comb or a brush while wet before scrunching. Do not comb or brush after scrunching and let it air dry. It is very important not to sleep on wet or damp hair.
  5. For people with itchy or sensitive scalp, the weft can be flipped over with the beards by the weft facing outside to avoid contact with your scalp.
  6. On installing weave, care must be taken to ensure that your stylist does not sew on the weft – ALWAYS sew under weft to avoid piercing through/in between the weft.
  7. You can straighten hair with blow dryer and flat iron, you may also curl using curling irons but always remember to use a lower setting as too much heat can be damaging to your tresses.
  8. Brush hair daily using our recommended flat paddle brushes, brush hair starting from the bottom and work your way up gradually to the top.


  • In the event where steps 2,3 & 9 are not followed if the Hasina  collection has been installed, you may notice signs of matting due to the hair’s unique ends/ tips. Gently brush hair from tips, gradually making your way to the top. Section hair row by row and ensure you brush through each row thoroughly and then follow step 4.


  • Should you feel your curls are getting looser or straightening comb out your hair as described previously and follow step 4.

For further information/explanation on how to care for your tresses follow us on Instagram to view videos @beedaisyhair. You may also contact us via whatsapp (08172504724) or via email